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The city is the primary talent hub. Traditionally, those who ran the engines of capitalism thought: “Let’s gather a large number of people in a small geographical area where they must live on top of each other in tight quartersand we’ll be able to find plenty of able bodies to man our factories.

Fried, Jason; Heinemeier Hansson, David. Remote: Office Not Required.


But today advanced technologies allow more and more companies to work with Remote workers.

It is why at Finix Asia, we believe on Remote, our core team is coming from the Remote industries, and we understand that today remote development is a complete transformation. Yesterday Offshore outsourcing, become more and more nonsense for companies.

Mary Poppendieck on her Keynote at the Agile Vietnam Conference 2016 said: "Offshore Development is dying, Software companies must transform to adapt to the market."

Today companies first concern is to found the Talent Software Engineer who could make their software in a proper manner. This expert is not necessarily only at Google, Facebook or Microsoft. But there are disseminate around the world. You will not found them in one city.


For each of your product we can deliver the following services:

We are in charge to hire the Talent developers who are fit to work together and cover the technologies that you need. We mostly look for FullStack and Craftsmanship Developers. The person that will look for them is also an Expert in Development and not any HR.

Each of the Talent Developer hired, must agree on a Team Remote Agreement and sign any other papers as NDA, Personal Security... that you request.

We are using Agile practices to follow your product development; we will take the position of Product Owner or Agile Project Manager; our expert has many years experience of work in a Remote Environment.

We will use your Issue Tracker and work with maximum transparencies and collaboration; we will deliver an increment of your software every fixed timebox (usually two weeks).

Our project developed with state of the art, who bring to our staff the maximum feedback. The first part of our work is to put in place the full environment where we can run automation test. We use practices like TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

But despite all this, you need to have some human testing. We recommend you to use services like CrowdSourcingTest ( We can do it for you.

Our project are configured, so we can deliver every day to every fixed timebox. Most of all the work are deliver on your server automatically. Just tell us where and we will do the rest of the work.


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