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Kimble Ngo




Training Languages: English (w/ Vietnamese assistance, if required)
Highlight: Investment Banking, General Management of Beverage Company, Training & Coaching in Communication & Influence
Specialty: Communication training, Cross-Cultural Training, Influence & Persuasion, Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills
Notable Organizations that engaged Kimble: British & Australian High Commission; Canadian Government; UBS Investment Bank, SharkTank Vietnam, Clarins Group

imble founded both Amplify Influence and The Modern Day Warrior. His work helps Senior Executives, IT analyst, Sales Staff, and entrepreneurs “Kick Butt” in their career and business. It is a mix of Competency and Character Skills development, with a heavy dose of mindset management.
His training and expertise is drawn from his years in Investment Banking and General Management of a mid-size regional business. He brings forth powerful insights as Canadian-Vietnamese who supplemented leadership training with a global perspectives working and living in Singapore and Mexico.
In the last 10 years, Kimble has conducted trainings, held workshops, and hosted events that range from small intimate groups to full auditoriums with up to 400 participants. The participants have included High Commissioners from a variety of countries, Corporate CEOs, and of course your everyday employee.
His work has brought him to 4 countries to engage audiences from all over the world, including Europeans, Middle Eastern, Asians, and North & South Americans.
Kimble’s mission is to help people become more empathetic across culture, across teams, and within organization. Starting from a base of perspectives taking and empathy, he focuses on applied strategies to communicate, connect, problem solve, and inspire with his clients. All of which gives them a leverage that many other trainers forget to inspire.



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