Precise, impactful, powerful (PIP) Presentation


    Too many projects and ideas fail, not due to its merits but instead in how it was delivered.

    Many experts focus on perfecting their technical craft, which is what makes them successful, yet, they seem to constantly hit a plateau.

    They are often stuck because they fail to leave a good impression, unable to demonstrate authority, or overload their audience.

    This workshop is specifically designed to teach participants how to take control of the stage. It shows them how to curate their presentation, engage their audience, and we provide an environment to develop the skills to deliver.

    This program teaches the core principle to demonstrate credibility and takes clients through the process to being a more powerful presenter.


    Program: Precise, Impact, & Powerful

    Code: CM.32

    Pax: 6 – 20

    Length: 2 days

    Learning Objectives:

    1.Understand what makes a Precise, Impactful, and Powerful presentation

    2.Develop capabilities to develop PIP presentation


    Day 1:

    • Program introduction
    • Contracting Outcomes
    • Assessing one’s capabilities
    • Win the Crowd: Positive First Impressions
    • Precise & Engaging Story Telling: T-Spare Model
    • Delivery practice

    Day 2:

    • Check-in & Retrospective
    • Establishing authority (3C’s to credibility)
    • Getting comfortable on stage
    • Live practice & observations
    • Future planning

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