Assertive communication [For techies]


    From school to work life, expectations are massively different. From youth to adulthood we are taught to listen and follow without question.

    This is good for school, but bad for your career. To make it in the professional world one must be able to demonstrate authority to clients and superiors. This starts with being assertive and being able to confidently communicate your own thoughts and feelings.

    There is a fine line between aggression and assertiveness. Many professional fear that they may cross this line and thus often remain silent. We will make a clear distinction and give clear steps that professional can take.

    This course has been taught to many professionals who are expert in their world but struggle to demonstrate authority. This is designed to specifically empower professionals so that they can articulate their ideas, thoughts, feelings and value.

    Assertiveness is the first step for many professionals to take charge of their career and to begin to impress those around them.

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