About the company.

What we do

We at Finix Asia we share knowledge to our Audience because we like to do it, it may seem strange as an introduction, but Finix was created by a bunch of friends coming from the same communities and willing to target the great.

We apparently believe in Remote, a lot of our Agile colleagues are against Remote, we completely agree with them. You have a better chance to have the best self-organized team when all the participants are in the same place. But a remote team has equaled chance to become a great team if they are in an excellent working environment and Expert like us know how to put the right tools to make it happen. The difference between the on-site team and us. It is you need to move your company to a city where you will found your great team with great knowledge. Us we bring them from all around the world to form a great team. This is not only a self-organized team but also a multi-cultural team who has much more creativity and innovation than any other team.

This is what we at Finix we can offer.

Finix Asia is also Coach or Consultant willing to share their experience and knowledge to leverage the great company you have into the greatest one. Our Coach and Consultant are available to meet you and discuss how we can help you to transform your business. We can assist you with the following changes:

  • Organization Change
  • Team Changes
  • Technical excellence
  • Strategy changes

Our Team

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